In this clip Frankie shares the deep challenges and breakthroughs in his sexual journey with his wife.    

A brain-child of Kim Farrant's acting exploration workshops Truth Group, 'Between Me' is a half hour drama that came to be after eight rigorous months of eight committed artists sharing their craft skills, collective stories and challenging each other and themselves to speak and live their truth.

Secrets and lies explode and backfire at a sex and love addicts meeting that goes terribly wrong. In this excerpt Frankie is at the meeting recalling making love with his wife.

DAN HAMILL - Frankie / AMBER FIELD - Amanda / CHLOE BOREHAM - Isabelle / ADRIAN AULD - Will / MICHAEL ARGUS - Roach / LEONE WHITE - Monique / SUSAN WALSTAB - Claire

Writer / Director: KIM FARRANT

Director of Photography: MARK LAPWOOD ACS

Production Designer: VICTORIA McKENZIE


Format: BLACK MAGIC 2.5K RAW - 1:2.35

Dur: 30m

Official Website: